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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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government troops are forced out of a town in eastern ukraine, after an assault by pro-russian rebels. ♪ hello from doha everyone i'm here with the world news from al jazeera. any united states is hosting a conference on the prevention of violent extremism. we'll have more on that. >> also egypt looking for more support from the united states after striking isil-linked fighters in libya. and the state of emergency in
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myanmar's region after an attack on a red cross convoy. so the ukrainian town of debaltseve has seen weeks of intense fighting, but it has now fallen to the pro-russian separatists. that has been condemned by the international community. ukrainian troops started leaving debaltseve earlier on wednesday, but separatists saying they pushed ukrainian troops out of that key town. ukraine's president has now met those troops. before leaving he described the withdrawal of having been done in a plan and peaceful way. >> translator: today we have taken new defensive line and drawn the lines in our talks with the united states and the european union, we demand a
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harsh response to these actions. now i'm going to the front line to meet those who left debaltseve and i have a high honor to shake their hands and meet the here -- heroes. the fall of debaltseve is a big disappointment. it's right in the middle there, it also is a rail hub that is important for delivering coal supplies, so you see why it's so important. paul brennan is our correspondent in the area -- not right in debaltseve, but he sent us a report from about 5 kilometers outside of the town. >> reporter: we're a check point, and this is as far as we'll being allowed to go. the soldiers perfectly friendly toward us, but not allowing us
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beyond this point. the reason why they say is because there are ukrainian forces here still defending their positions even now. that said the main fighting appears to have finished. when we first arrived there is a significant artillery and tank barrage underway. we saw tanks firing shells in the general direction that way, and still here we have two tanks over there, armor here on a full state of alert. they are very much aware that this is a front line town. as far as the situation inside debaltseve goes we're still getting conflicting reports from both sides. the pro-russians say they are effectively in total control. what the ukrainian president has said is that around 80% of the ukrainian forces who were holding debaltseve have now withdrawn, and that the rest of
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the troops who are still there are in the process of withdrawing. it's a bloody nose frankly for the ukrainian military. debaltseve was an important strategic hub that they desperately wanted to keep hold of. but in the weight of numbers ranged against them and the armor we have seen firing into the town frankly the defense of the town was not tenable anymore. >> i spoke to a russian defense analyst who said taking over debaltseve has been moscow's strategic objective from the start. >> what is happening around debaltseve is an attempt -- not so much a military operation, though it is of course military but it's main objective is to humiliate ukrainians so cause a political crisis in kiev and hopefully endanger the regime there. russia is going to peep on the military pressure political, economic pressure to change ukraine back into the sort of
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russia amp make it a pro-russian state controllable sfr -- from moscow and not allow it to drift toward the west. before that can be achieved there will be no peace achieved. move to other news the syrian observatory for human rights says at least 150 people have been killed since tuesday. it added at least 70 pro-government fighters and rebels have died. the government was willing to temporarily willing to suspense air tracks on aleppo. it is a divided city the rebel-controlled east and the government-held west. syria's biggest city in fact and was once a financial hub, but all of this fighting has just reduced it to rebel. the syrian government says it will decide when to suspend
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bombing in the ancient city. but the u.n. envoy describes the move as hope. >> the government of syria has indicated to me its willingness to halt all aerial bombing, all aerial bombing, all sorts, all types of aerial bombing, and artillery shelling for a period of six weeks all over the city of aleppo. from a date which we will be announcing from damascus. i plan therefore, to proceed to both damascus and hopefully to aleppo as soon as possible. >> reporter: at least two people have died in a suicide bomb attack in islamabad. the bomber blew himself up after he was confronted by security and tried to enter the complex during evening prayers. at least one person is dead after a suicide attack in
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afghanistan in the southern city of kandahar. the suicide bomber targeted a military vehicle, and at it more people were wounded in the attack. now as many as 150 americans have tried to leave the united states to fight with isil according to u.s. in2e8 against agencies. preventing young people from being recruited is the focus of a three-day summit underway in washington, d.c. the white house has invited leaders to present pilot programs already in place. >> reporter: wlooits officials officially called the next three days a summit on countering violent extremism. conservatisms have asked why is it not islamic extremism. well, they just had a representative from the anti-defamation league speak, and he said it is a mission take to focus only on islamic
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extremism, because most attacks that happened domestically are because of right-wing extremists. the wlooits says isil does not event islam, and it would be a mistake to label it as such. they say isil wants to make it the case that the u.s. is at war with islam, and they don't want to give them that propaganda tool. they have faced criticism from religious groups that says to focus on islam would only increase islamaphobia in the united states. the u.n. security council is to fold a emergency meeting on the situation in libya soon.
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victoria gatenby reports. >> reporter: these pictures are from a hospital in afghanistan. witnesses say this boy was fatally wounded during air strikes by the egyptian military. his sister was severely injured. doctors couldn't save their lives or the lives of their younger brother. but some egyptian commentators insist they died of suffocation in another city. >> translator: this is strong evidence of the conspiracy and lying against egypt. >> reporter: hospital staffers say that is a lie. >> translator: we started the resuscitation on this bench. everything happened here. >> reporter: the egyptian government said the air strikes hit camps of isil-affiliated groups. egypt says the military campaign
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was launched in retaliation for the beheading of 21 egyptian christians, but witnesses say several civilians were killed in the air strikes. >> translator: there was no military presence here. just families lived here. the family the mother and their children were all killed. there was a gentlemen who was also killed. there were about eight killed in the neighborhood in addition to four who are still seriously injured. >> reporter: the court appointed tripoli-based government says egypt is trying to run away from its own internal crisis by exporting its problems to libya. >> translator: we call porn the u.n., the european union, and the african union, to conduct an investigation, and condemn the air strikes of the egyptian army. egypt is calling for a
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international intervention for the situation in libya. they are worried if left unchecked in libya, fighting groups linked to isil could be on europe's doorstep. still ahead on al jazeera, caught on camera a video of chelsea football fans in the paris metro, prompt accusations of racism. >> monday, studying deadly viruses. >> these facilities are incredibly safe, incredibly secure. >> go inside the study of infectious diseases. >> ventilated footy pajamas. >> protecting those working to protect us. >> we always have to stay one step ahead of them because they're out there. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is my selfie, what can you tell me about my future? >> can affect and surprise us. >> don't try this at home. >> "techknow" where technology meets humanity. monday, 5:30 eastern. only on al j
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al jazeera, pro-russian separatists have taken over the ukrainian town of debaltseve. the u.s. is hosting a summit to try to prevent young people from being recruited by groups such as isil. religious leaders were invited to present pilot -- programs that were already in place. egypt is pushing for military intervention in libya, following the beheading of 21 egyptian christians. myanmar's president has declared a state of emergency after an attack on a red cross convoy. government troops are trying to drive out the ndaa rebels. >> reporter: a barrage of bullets brings this red cross vehicle to a halt. it was part of an attack on
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tuesday, where a new wave of fighting has broken out. >> in the resistance experience red cross trucks have been used by the burma army to attack the resistance. >> reporter: two red cross volunteer workers were injured in the attack. one suffered head wounds the other injures to the abdomen. both are now in stable condition in hospital. the president of the red cross released a statement saying: the humanitarian situation that is emerging from the violence is similar to that of five years ago when thousands of ethnic chinese residents fled the province many taking refuge
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in china. now some 30,000 refugees have reportedly made the same trek after the fighting. >> translator: we want to use this opportunity to once again call on all sides involved in the clashes in myanmar to exercise restraint and avoid the situation escalating any further to ensure peace and stability of the border and especially to avoid effecting security on the chinese side. >> reporter: but now three months of marshall law is being imposed by myanmar's government a sign that the fighting is not expected to end any time soon. in nigeria close to 30 civilians were killed following an air strike. it appears the victims were gathered for a ceremony and were mistaken for boko haram fighter. they are carrying out a military offense against boko haram.
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these boko haram attacks have caused many residents to flee northwest nigeria, those who have stayed behind are struggling to keep their communities and businesses alive. >> reporter: this is what many streets look like after five years of attacks by boko haram. hardly any new jobs are created these days and many of the existing ones are disappearing. this man is forced to live apart from his wife and four children. now he may lose his job as a mechanic. >> translator: nothing makes sense in this city anymore. i used to earn the equivalent of $50 in two to three hours, to take care of my family and apprentices. some days i go home with empty pockets because the customers can't afford to drive their cars any longer. this means most of us go hungry. >> reporter: for joseph leaving
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the town is not an option. people from this part of nigeria are often accused of belonging to boko haram, so he's not sure how he will be treated elsewhere. a lot of businesses in the city are threatened. this is the biggest market in the city. over the past year it has been attacked by boko haram at least five times. business has been tough for many traders here but despite the constant threat they insist on keeping the market open. but many stores remain closed because of lack of business. also those that are open few customers come to buy. this man hasn't sold a bag in five days. >> most of the customers come from chad niger, and cameroon and we don't see them anymore. >> reporter: the supplies in this store will continue to
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gather dust until normalcy returns. the day has been a good one for joseph. he made about $6 in nine hours. it isn't much but enough to buy a few supplies that will make his family happy. thousands of people in this besieged city often go to sleep less fortunate, but despite their situation, they chose to stay. greece says it will ask the euro zone for an extension on its loan agreement. alexis tsipras says he wants extra time. >> reporter: the heart of this factory is still beating, but only just. this rolling door maker has lost 90% of its precrisis business. the collapse of the construction
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industry has bankrupted its clients, and with them have gone $2 million owed to the company. this company in turn owes banks $9 million, it cannot pay nor can it borrow to finance new business. >> translator: i have been working in this factory since i was 18. it was then a small workshop of my fathers. banks have played a big role in the growth, but suddenly we're back to where we started. so we decided to attack. >> reporter: a series of class action lawsuits involving some 20 thousand debtors, representing more than $2 billion of bank debt. they formed a civic action group that wants banks to discount their debts by 50 to 90%, the same discount banks would face if they sold these loans. >> translator: while this lawsuit is pending, baness banes -- banks cannot ask for
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payments. it is going to take 20 years for this to come to trial. we say to banks, do you want to wait 20 years or settle now and start earning money again. >> reporter: greek's owe banks some $90 billion they cannot pay back and the real figure may be much higher. banks were supposed to finance a turn around of this economy. they are decreasingly able to do so. deposits withdrew more than $17 billion in the last few months afraid that greece may be forced out of the euro zone. if greece does leave the euro zone, the central bank would stop supporting its banking system that happened in cyprus two years ago. >> what is looming over greek banks is a liquidity crisis. it's looming over the country. if the country does not resolve the liquidity issue, it will become a big problem.
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the bankers are squared. >> reporter: individual greeks like greek itself are caught in a debt trap. greece's left-wing government has staked its future on breaking the vicious cycle. now last month attacks in paris -- excuse me -- reignited the debate over racial and cultural divisions in france. the government has promised to do more to heel those divides, but now many young muslims feel they are under increased scrutiny. >> reporter: this was once an inmate at graun -- guantanamo bay. now he's a peace activist. for this man the journey from france to an al-qaeda training camp in afghanistan happened all too quickly.
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>> translator: there are several reasons people become radicalized. it can be low self-esteem or a certain calling. if a person wants to create a future for themselves in someplace like syria, it's because they can't imagine a future here in france. >> reporter: it's here in the suburbs that the government wants to make a difference. this is where the seeds of violence are frequently sewn. in this neighborhood three years ago a 23-year-old planned a series of deadly attacks on french soldiers and jewish civilians. this district sits on the outskirts of town. and people here feel like they are also living on the fringes of society. after the paris attacks, locals feel under increased scrutiny. twrn i live here. i'm integrated. i feel french. but people look at me as if i'm
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not. >> translator: how are muslims suppose to integrate? does it mean they have to be like everyone else to drink red wine, cut their beards and remove the vail? we're in a dictatorship. >> there are some days i just don't want to leave my house. people want to put us all in the same basket as if we were all to blame for the attacks. >> reporter: the local ammon is wary of the growing resentment. >> translator: we have been victims for a long time. here we don't know of any young people who want to go aboard to fight, but if they are thinking about it they are going to be very discrete. >> reporter: many here believe a sense of unity will only come with greater sense of community.
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chelsea football club has reacted to a video which shows its fans abusing a black man on the train system. >> reporter: a black man tries to board a paris metro train, and is repeatedly pushed off by fans of the english football club chelsea. the british man who filmed the scene at the station says people around him couldn't believe what they were seeing but what happened next was perhaps even more shocking. and the morning after chelsea's champions league match we managed to get a reaction from some fans heading home to london. >> we're disappointed for two
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reasons. firstly because of what happened. secondly because now we're all labeled racists. it set the whole club back 30 years. >> i eemz horrified. absolutely horrified. >> it's unacceptable. >> reporter: european football's governing body says it is appalled by the incident. the chelsea football club has put out a statement saying: but this paris-based black rights campaigner wants to see bolder action. >> i want the chelsea football club -- i urge them you know, to make a call for those who
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know the supporters so that they can be prosecuted. i urge [ inaudible ] to please make a call. i urge the chelsea football club to take this opportunity to launch a massive anti-racism campaign. >> reporter: the paris police force is already investigating the incident. nadine barber al jazeera, paris. now, as brazil's carnival season comes to a close, rio is preparing for a grand finale. but a new wave of crime on the city's famed beaches has dampered spirits somewhat. >> reporter: rio de janeiro, and the beach are synonymous especially during carnival when people from the world over flock here by the hundreds of thousands. but locals know to bring the
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bare minimum to protect themselves. it's called a [ inaudible ] a human wave that desends from the slums on to the beaches, stealing everything in its path. three months ago, on this same beach, this was the scene. beach goers running in panic, trying in vain to escape from the on slot of thieves. that's what rio police have introduced a new type of sun protection it's called operations beach. the units that fight drug trafficking gangs is now stationed at the beaches in full combat gear. >> translator: this is not an extreme measure. it's a precaution in order to protect people who frequent the
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beach. some take advantage to commit crimes here. >> reporter: some 300 police on motorbikes and foot weave their way around the umbrellas. while on the pavement the central command truck uses state-of-the-art technology to keep track of potential flairups in real time. these are the images from police helicopters, and local cameras, we are told. suspects are arrested on the spot. a welcomed development say locals. >> translator: without a doubt i decided to come here precisely because it's close to the police truck. it makes the whole family feel safer. >> translator: the last month and a half things have improved noticeably. it was a bit dangerous. >> reporter: authorities promise to keep operation beach going as long as there is mass presence of beach goers, which in rio
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means practically all year round. let's just check the headlines for you at this is how it's shaping up on the front page with the latest. that's at >> slavery in nepal has been abolished, by law. but behind the high walls of many city homes here, young girls continue to serve as slaves. known as kamlari, they are the daughters of indebted farmers, sold to landlords for little to no money.